Online ordering is a standard service among popular restaurants. Remain competetive. Don't wait.

All you need is email or a fax machine. We'll do the rest. Your customers simply place their order through our website. The order is then automatically sent to your fax machine. It's simple! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improve service, your customers can order from their mobile phone, even if your already taking a phone order!!
  • No computer required, it uses fax technology, you already have it. We also offer an email of the order if you prefer email to fax!
  • Low to no cost, every order placed through the website saves you wait staff time adding even more to your bottom line!
  • Free up your phone line, your orders are created by the customer and delivered by your fax machine!
  • Save money on staff, your staff can now be free to serve seated customers while your take out and delivery customers do all the work of placing their own order!
  • Reduce errors, the order is customized by the customer and confirmed in writing, no missing a thing!
  • Expand marketing, customers will find your menu by being driven to our site!
  • Increase bottom line, more orders placed by the customers means more profit!
  • We can give you a link for your website that goes directly to your menu!
  • If you wish you can offer a discount online to get your customers placing their own orders!

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